Müller & Sons

Custom Upholstery & Furniture

Custom upholstery and furniture in the greater Los Angeles area since 1971.

About Müller & Sons

Dedicated to the time-honored traditions and artistry of traditional furniture making, Müller & Sons masterfully crafts handmade furniture of the highest distinction. Müller & Sons has established itself as a premier atelier sought out by renowned architects, designers and discerning clienteles.

With over 45 years of experience, Muller & Sons has maintained a reputation for its attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Established in 1971. Alexander Müller first days were in the late 1950's sweeping the floor of Radford & Sons Upholstery shop, in West Hollywood, Ca. Here is where he started his life long relationship with furniture. The art of upholstery would soon become his creative outlet. As an apprentice for the Radford & Sons shop, Alexander learned the traditional process of furniture making and upholstery. After almost a decade as an apprentice, Alexander spent two years at Finlays Slip Cover Company, were he mastered the delicate process of the tailored slipcover. In 1971, in Hollywood Ca., Alexander created Alexander Müller Upholstery. Legendary interior designers Tony Duquette was among his early high profile clients.

Forty-five years later, Alexander is working with his sons, Patrick and Robert to continue the long tradition of the custom furniture and re-upholstery craft. 

The true value of one's legacy is the reputation and ideals left behind.  

His son's Patrick and Robert believe that family is one of the main vehicles to combat the threat of losing touch with the ways of the past. The lessons, values, pride and ever vigilant eye for quality of their father are deeply instilled in their hearts and minds.

They've learned by example, by watching their father.

These values are shaping the way Müller Furniture makes it's furniture today. From the leather to the stitching to the finishing techniques, no corners are cut and no tasks are rushed.

Müller and Sons is one way of bringing back the good things of the past and restoring the traditional tenets of yesterday that will once again enrich the way we live today.


 Alexander Müller in the workshop.

Alexander Müller in the workshop.

 1961 Consew

1961 Consew


The shop. 

 Father and son.

Father and son.